Your Global Radio Player

The best of 35.000 stations at your fingertips!
Easily explore over 150 top genres
and the music of more than 200 countries!



Syntega FM is all about enjoying Internet Radio at a new level.

Discover music matching your taste!

Genre Wizards

Easily get the most popular stations for desired genres from your country and the global community!

Easy search

Comfortable and Quick:
Just type in a name or genre and there you go!

Explore & Discover

Get inspirations by surfing the worldwide top genres, single countries or languages!

Own Stationlists

From all of that freely create your own stationlists as you like!

Replay & Share

Directly replay songs via Spotify or YouTube or share them via Web!
Here's an example

Play History & Favs

Mark songs on the go for later replay or sharing!

Song Cover & Year

If possible, the player shows the song cover and year of release and links to more details...

Sleep timer

Enjoy your favourite music when going to sleep...

What makes the difference?

Syntega FM is made by music lovers for music lovers!
The app has a clear design and many useful features. And:

Global & Community-driven

Listeners from over 200 countries vote for the most popular radio stations! Often these stations play pure music around the clock - without speech or advertising!


Thanks to the state of the art development environment Delphi FMX:
The app is currently available for Windows and Android,
iOS and Mac OSX will follow Q1/2023!


Syntega FM is different to many other ad-sponsered apps which overdo it. If we decide to place advertisements they will be sparingly so usage is not constantly disturbed!


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Syntega FM is free of cost and available for Windows and Android Smartphones.

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